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Test Server Wipe

Just Survive Test Update

For the EU:

  • EU1 - Z1, PVP, No Base Raids, High Zombie Population ("PvPvE")
  • EU2 - Z1, PVE, Scarce Items, High Zombie Population ("PVE Survival")
  • EU3 - BWC, PVE, Zombie Population High ("PVE")
  • EU4 - Z1, PVP, Scarce Items, High Zombie Population ("PVP Survival")
  • EU5 - Z1, PVP, Low Zombie Population, No Build Restrictions around POIs ("PVP Sandbox")
  • EU6 - Z1, PVP, No Group / Clan / Permissions Support ("PVP Solo")
  • EU7 - Z1, PVP, Medium Zombie Population ("PVP")
  • EU8 - BWC, PVP, High Zombie Population ("PVP")

And for US:

  • US1 - Z1, PVP, No Base Raids, High Zombie Population ("PvPvE")
  • US2 - Z1, PVE, Scarce Items, High Zombie Population ("PVE Survival")
  • US3 - BWC, PVE, Zombie Population High ("PVE")
  • US4 - Z1, PVP, Scarce Items, High Zombie Population ("PVP Survival")
  • US5 - Z1, PVP, Low Zombie Population, No Build Restrictions around POIs ("PVP Sandbox")
  • US6 - Z1, PVP, No Group / Clan / Permissions Support ("PVP Solo")
  • US7 - Z1, PVP, Medium Zombie Population ("PVP")
  • US8 - BWC, PVP, High Zombie Population ("PVP")

Note - The server browser currently cuts off these descriptions on JS Test

This update includes the following changes:

  • Doors, Gates, and Shutters now count towards the architecture limit
  • Lowered Architecture limit per foundation from 500 to 450
  • Players can snap foundations to their clan's foundations, up to a limit of 4 foundations in one location
  • Players can only build a single foundation per server
  • Deleting your character no longer abandons your foundation
  • Container Storage Capacity increased 4x
  • Crop limits reduced to 25% of previous limit
  • Crops now provide 4x the amount of items when harvested
  • Base placement limits between foundations increased
  • Shacks now ignore these limits and can be placed much closer to bases (allowing for easier shack placement than before)
  • Weapon performance updates - projectile speeds lowered and damage tuned for all weapons
  • All lootbags now have a 15 minute lifetime before despawning (previously vehicle and container lootbags lasted for a shorter time period)
  • Combined specific meats into generic "Meat", reduced meat recipes down to a single steak, sandwich, and stew
  • Combined berries into a single "Blackberry"
  • Steak/Sandwich/Stew provide "Well Fed" buff which lowers stamina burn
  • Removed recipes for Jerkys, Juices, Pies, Saline, Dull Shiv, Wood Club, Makeshift Satchel
  • Dirty Water can now be purified directly, rather than having an intermediate "Water" recipe
  • Gators can now be salvaged into Plastic
  • Work Boots can now be salvaged into Leather
  • Conveys can now be salvaged into Composite Fabric
  • Zeds can now be salvaged into Cloth and Plastic
  • Reduced Gator spawns
  • Removed Syringe spawns from BWC
  • Removed 4 types of Sleepers (Charcoal Sleeper remains)
  • Removed 4 types of Military Backpack (Three Camouflage variants remain)
  • Removed Saline spawns (This removes Saline from the game entirely)
  • Removed All-In-One-Cold-Medicine spawns
  • Removed Aspirin spawns
  • Removed Lighter spawns
  • Removed Water spawns (This removes "Water" from the game entirely - Dirty Water and Purified Water remain)
  • Removed Wooden Arrow spawns (can still be crafted)
  • Removed Molotov Cocktail spawns (can still be crafted)
  • Removed Makeshift Blankets spawns (can still be crafted)
  • Removed Makeshift Bow spawns (can still be crafted)
  • Removed Makeshift Hatchet spawns (can still be crafted)
  • Removed Framed Backpack spawns (can still be crafted)
  • Removed Makeshift Satchel spawns (This removes "Makeshift Satchel" from the game entirely)
  • Removed Canvas Bandana spawns (can still be crafted)
  • Added Fire Trap spawns
  • Added Flash Trap spawns
  • Added Gas Trap spawns
  • Added Shock Trap spawns
  • Added Snare Trap spawns
  • Completely new AI system, optimized for performance
  • AI behaviors for all zombie and wildlife types have been rebuilt from the ground up for smarter and more efficient behavior
  • Rebuilt zombie spawning system - spawns are now more location-centric rather than spawning directly off of active player heatmaps
  • Reduced zombie and wildlife teleporting and other erratic behavior
  • Loot zombies return - after time, a player's lootbag will become attached to a zombie - keep an eye out for well-equipped zombies!
  • Significant server-side performance updates - internal testing shows significant (~400%) improvements on an internal clone of the live server "Atrocity"
  • Fixed an issue that was causing players to lose items on automatic server shutdown
  • Skinned items now retain their skins during a server restart
  • Fixed a vehicle exploit
  • Players can now disable shadows via lowering their game default settings or editing their useroptions.ini file

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Call of Duty WW 2

Operation Shamrock & Awe und neues Update angekündigt


Der Shooter "Call of Duty WW2" erhält heute ein neues Update, das einige von den Fans gewünschte Verbesserungen in das Spiel verfrachtet. Darüber hinaus wird der St. Patrick's Day gefeiert.


Sledgehammer Games hat mitgeteilt, dass in "Call of Duty WW2" heute die sogenannte "Operation: Shamrock & Awe" starten wird. Dabei handelt es sich um ein Event, in dessen Rahmen der St. Patrick’s Day gefeiert wird. Darauf aufbauend könnt ihr euch auf ein paar passende Items einstellen, die es abzustauben gilt.

Aber es gibt noch mehr: Sledgehammer Games hat ebenfalls bestätigt, dass für "Call of Duty WW2" heute ein neues Update veröffentlicht wird. Ein offizieller Changelog liegt noch nicht vor, sodass nicht ganz klar ist, was die Spieler im Detail erwartet. Die Entwickler gaben allerdings zu verstehen, dass man das Feedback aus der Community analysiert hat und Änderungen am Quartiermeister und den Supply Drops vornehmen möchte.


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It’s time for our first major update!

We’re pleased to say that Early Access has been a great decision for Battalion 1944! This major update contains huge changes to Battalion entirely based off of player feedback. The type of feedback you can only get by taking advantage of Early Access. We’d like to thank each and every one of you for spending time giving us the critical feedback AND testing that Battalion very clearly needed.

“There is only so much you can test with 20 people in an office! Any developer will tell you that time is the most valuable thing in game development. I’d like to thank you personally for giving us your time and making Battalion a more stable, balanced, and more fun game to play.”
- Joe Brammer / Studio Lead

For helping us test, improve, and fix Battalion 1944 through its first month of Early Access, we’d like to reward all of the players who purchased the game in its first month, 5 War Chests, that will be available in your inventory from March 8th.

We have been constantly working on fixing and improving core Battalion features. We have been releasing almost weekly updates to continually improve upon our product to make it the best experience possible for you guys. Today we are able to give you guys our first huge content update - with more news updates coming in the near future.

This update contains new maps, reworks of existing maps, weapon balancing, A LOT of crash fixes, performance improvements, major network fixes, sound improvements, match making changes, XP increases and gamemode changes and teasers!

Wartide Retired - Temporary Changes

We’ve heard your feedback on the Wartide gamemode - we fully understand the mode’s potential and what must be done to reinvent the gamemode, as we’ve hinted at before. We will be returning this summer with Wartide 2 which uses ‘a form of currency’. In the meantime we’ve temporarily changed how Wartide works whilst we remaster the mode.
Our goals and reasoning for the temporary change is to try and balance the weapons perfectly by giving players the ability to pick almost whatever they want

The largest issue with the gamemode was that making a comeback was extremely difficult, even with the power of the default class in the right hands.

As a temporary measure, we’re making all weapon classes (bar the most powerful SMG & Sniper classes) unlimited. This is to keep the losing side in the game & allow more player choice. As a side benefit - unlimiting weapon classes also helps us study every classes perceived value to players - which will help us decide on classes worth within the future revamped Wartide gamemode.

The grenade pool has also been removed in favour of grenades being tied to classes.

Temporary Weapon Class & Nade Breakdown:

  • Rifleman - 1 Smoke, 0 Grenade, Unlimited.
  • Pathfinder - 0 Smoke, 0 Grenade, 3 cards per team.
  • Heavy - 0 Smokes, 1 Grenade, Unlimited.
  • Marksman - 0 Smokes, 0 Grenade, 3 cards per team.
  • Operator - 1 smoke, 0 Grenade, Unlimited
  • Utility (Default) - 1 Smoke, 1 Grenade, Unlimited

Please remember that these changes are only temporary whilst we completely overhaul the actual wartide gamemode over the next coming months.

NEW MAP - Invasion

(Used for both Competitive & Arcade)

This new map is, you guessed it, located on a Normandy beach and it will consist of the Allies attacking the Axis through their defensive bunkers and buildings to achieve victory! This map contains a balance of long routes which will be great for sniper duels intertwined with smaller spaces that promote close quarters combat. You’ll have to manage your utility usage as a team as well as manage your full arsenal to exploit the advantages and weaknesses of both bomb sites.

As with all maps during Early Access - this is Invasion’s first iteration ready for testing. We’re not afraid to change maps based on your feedback at all and we have been looking at all posts and opinions regarding changes.

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12. lOwzZ~UO Night

Call of Duty United Offensive

Am 10.03.2018 findet unsere UO Night statt, wir starten 19:30 Uhr in unserem TS!



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