Monatsarchiv: April 2021

UnitedBase Fall Cup


UnitedBase Fall Cup 2021

Registration: 27.09.2021-10.10.2021

Cup Start: 11.10.2021




The Cod FaNaTiC's ClAn, Variable Skill, Dreamteam#, Fragged by, Minds in Sync, First Recon Squad, ELITEGAOZ`,

Fast evolution, e9 Enigma, aNimus ` Gaming Clan, lOwzZ~Clan, Just4HUN


mp_uo_carentan, mp_uo_harbor, mp_uo_dawnville, german_town, mp_cassino, mp_railyard, mp_tigertown, mp_peaks, mp_uo_powcamp







Frontiii   16. April 2021    18:35    Call of Duty United Offensive    0    480